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Bagotte BSJ80

Bagotte Masticating Juicer machines with Reverse Function, Easy to clean, Quiet Motor

( 5 Reviews )

Upgrade Spiral System & Slow Speed Grinding

Multi-purpose for Fruits & Veggies

Reverse Function and Easy To Clean

Quiet Motor & Non-slip base

Safer & Easier Operation


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  • Voltage


  • Power


  • Rated Frequency

    60 Hz

  • Size

    16.14 x 6.5 x 13.5 inch

  • Weight

    about 7.05 lb



How does it juice celery?

Bagotte slow juicer can extract various of vegetables and fruits. Including celery.


How about pulp?

You will get a lot of juice, the pulp is very dry.


Can it squeeze wheatgrass juice?

Sure, it's great for pressing wheatgrass.


Is it difficult to disassemble?

It has one button assemble removal function, you can separate the accessories from the host by pressing that button. It saves time.


What is the best way to clean the machine?

You can wash immediately after use. Put soap in water and wash with a cleaning brush.


Bagotte BSJ80 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

I'm On The Juice Bandwagon

Kerri 12-15-2019


My kids are fruit and vegetable fiends, they really love healthy foods, it is just impossible to get them to sit down and eat anything. Another mom friend of mine suggested trying fresh juices, as the can drink them throughout the day, I was skeptical because most you purchase have added sugar and I was worried about loss of nutritional value over time so I decided it would be best to make our own juice at home. I think this is an excellent "first" or intro juicer for someone completely new to the practice, like me. I was most worried about the making a ton of new work for myself with many parts to clean, but it is fairly straight forward and easy to take apart, clean thoroughly and put back together. The included brush is excellent at getting out every bit of pulp. The "wide mouth" feature of this meant little to me when I purchased it but I now understand why it is invaluable... there is little to no need to pre-cut any fruits or vegetables as most anything fits whole. My kids were amazed when I juiced an entire apple, including them in the juicing process has really helped boost their interest in helping in the kitchen and finishing the food they make, too. I still don't fully understand how it keeps the seeds and everything out of the juice as it always comes through surprisingly clear but I don't need to know as long as it works!

What a great machine

MikeSmith 12-08-2019


"We wanted a professional-grade Juicer, as we are trying to be more healthy. We found this one and are so happy we made the purchase. There are a lot of options, we wanted a real one the offered flexibility and not a ""blender"" . My wife is an excellent cook and she is taking this juicing thing seriously, we are trying it out already for one meal replacement. It is a fun activity with the kiddos after school. So far this machine has not disappointed, easy to clean up and is very nice looking to match our stainless appliances. We simply keep it on the counter and it looks great. I wash it let dry on the matt and whamo ready to go for the next day. terrific used it 3 x now and very excited to just be healthier going into the holidays."

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